Adrienne Walts

Certified Coach | Serving Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas

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About Me

Hi! Welcome to the beginning of your pottying journey! I'm Adrienne, proud mama of a daughter. I intended to start Elimination Communication from my daughter's birth, but it was too overwhelming as a first time mom. All the other resources I had found while pregnant were way too long, way too intense, and seemed to require we EC full time. I started EC with my daughter when she was 6 months old, but didn't call it EC. It was only when I was looking for cotton trainers when my daughter was 13 months that I found Go Diaper Free. I ramped up EC, ditched daytime diapers when my daughter was 15 months and haven't looked back. Whether you want to start EC at birth, have a toddler, or a baby of any age in between, I want to help you succeed with EC or potty training.