Aleix Ferrer Duch

Certified Coach | Serving Basel, Switzerland and Figueres, Spain

Aleix Ferrer Duch

About Me

Grüezi, Hola, Hello.

My name is Aleix and yes, I am a man. I believe that we dads can also teach Elimination Communication (EC) to our babies. How important it is that now a days it is possible to share responsibilities around family/household issues. The maintenance of the house, cooking, washing, cleaning, educating the upbringing, however, how great would it be if non of us would had to change full diapers!

I first heard of EC from my sister and what I liked the most was the special way to connect and communicate as well as by using fewer diapers, less waste landed on the field, money was saved and somehow we were able to go back to the roots of humanity. I am super happy that I got mum on board, teamwork is ideal.

Personally as a dad, I want to say that it made a difference in my relationship with my kids to connect and deepen bonds with them from day one, even more since both of them have had difficult starts in life being in the hospital longer than we would have wished.

If you are thinking about this possibility and you are not too sure or if you also have a difficult start and you think it might not be possible. Do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to help you to connect to your baby in this other special level (and to reduce the environmental impact!).

I can help regarding EC or potty issue.