Amy McKenzie Watts

Certified Coach | Serving Stayton, Oregon, USA


About Me

Amy searched for and found EC when her son was 5 months old. She read Andrea’s Go Diaper Free book, gave EC a try, and was surprised at how easy it began to happen. She stuck with it for the long haul, because it fit the family’s lifestyle much better than any other diapering option for her first baby. Already a full-time stepmother of two amazing girls, and having potty-trained one of them at 3.5 years, Amy pretty much already knew she didn’t want to go through that again.

When EC really began to make a difference was when Amy began nighttime EC with her son at about 12 months. Severe sleep issues with the little one meant that EC became a very important tool to get through each night and day.

Amy grew up in Texas, has a degree in Geology, is a Web Designer and Film Producer, and home schools her kids. She loves sharing natural parenting tips and experiences.