Andrea Howson

Certified Consultant | Serving Okanagan and surrounding areas.

Andrea Howson

About Me

My husband, toddler, and I live off grid near Lumby, British Columbia. We are always working towards living a simple life, and spending as much time together as we can.

Family and health are my passions! I loved pregnancy, and spent a lot of that time researching. I wanted alternatives to everything. Alternatives that would make things simpler, healthier, and cheaper. "Alternatives to Diapers" was the search term that led me to Go Diaper Free. I loved how thorough and professional everything was, and got the book shortly after my daughter was born.

We started Elimination Communication (EC) when she was 3 months old, after the family visits had calmed down. We are about to wrap up EC (at about 17 months). It has been such an adventure, and she has taught me so much. I could not imagine raising my daughter without EC as she communicated pretty strongly about needing to eliminate in the early days. Those cries about hunger, sleep, comfort... elimination is just another one. Just because babies can't talk doesn't mean they don't communicate!

I have become so passionate about EC and want to help other families in their parenting journey, whether it's with EC or potty learning. Becoming a coach is a natural fit for me.

Get in touch with me anytime, I would love to connect 🙂