Arianna Francis

Certified Coach | Serving Tri-Cities of Washington, Specifically Kennewick and Surrounding Areas, USA

Arianna Francis

About Me

I began EC unwittingly with my first daughter at 11 days old as soon as I realized that I could tell when she needed to poop. I had never heard of infant potty training at this point but it seemed brilliant and oh-so-easy considering I didn't particularly enjoy (completely disgusted by) cleaning poop disasters off of her tiny little body parts. Also throwing tons of diapers in the trash was really bothering me. So I cradled her small self over a tiny potty and hooray! Easy poop clean up! I was hooked. I started full-time EC with her. She was pooping 3-4 times a day at 5 months old and I would only miss 1-2 poops per month. I was catching the other 90ish poops in the potty chair... 90! That's ALOT less poop to clean, ALOT less diapers to use, and ALOT cleaner baby with no rashes! Win-win-win!

However, challenges arose and it was not all smooth sailing. I had not discovered Go Diaper Free coaching help and I really needed that wisdom, experience and guidance when road blocks came up and we had potty pauses and struggles. Looking back I can see several ways I made the process more difficult than necessary and frustrating for myself and my daughter. She was completely potty independent, out of diapers and dry day and night at 34 months. Not early by any means and I wish I had known about EC coaching! Although she consistently continued to signal for poop and we caught almost all in the potty from 5 months on, my focus was on catching poop since pee wasn't as messy, so I consider that a huge success!

When I was expecting my second daughter, and busy with my toddler, I was unsure of how well I would be able to do EC with her. The thought seemed overwhelming since I was used to full-time EC. To my delightful surprise my second baby made the exact same facial signals, sounds and body movements when she needed to relieve herself. I started EC with her at 3 days old! I had learned so much with my first baby that the second was a breeze. She was 3 months old when I was catching almost all her poops and now at 15 months old she tells me toilet or poop when she needs to go. She also tells me when she is wet and will walk to the bathroom and sit on the potty without any hesitation or fuss. I use both cloth and disposable diapers and I haven't put her in training panties yet. I'm only doing part-time EC with her too, so it's easy for me, no stress and so far very successful!

The Go Diaper Free education I've received has made EC with my second more successful, efficient, stress free, relaxed, and much more enjoyable for everyone involved than my first experience. I'm SO THANKFUL to have learned from Andrea Olson the tools I need to help my baby develop her potty independence in a peaceful and natural way! I'm totally looking forward to helping other parents enjoy their EC journey!