Caroline Wingate

Certified Coach | Witney, West Oxfordshire, USA


About Me

I first heard about EC when I was pregnant with my first child. I practiced part-time EC from six weeks. My partner quickly got on board when he realized this meant fewer dirty nappies to change! The few times I mentioned EC in mainstream parenting groups, I was met with blank stares and puzzled looks. I was already feeling like an oddball for having had a homebirth so I generally didn’t mention it.

When I did make it to an EC support group, it was wonderful to chat to other parents who understood EC and to swap tips and advice. However, the group was a bit far away and I was dealing with a baby who screamed every time she was in the car. I always stuck with EC though, focusing on easy catches and succeeding in getting most poos and at least a couple of wees every day.

We had a very smooth transition out of nappies (day and night) at 25 months. With the benefit of hindsight and having learnt so much more about EC and potty training since we could have wrapped it up sooner!

I am expecting baby #2 in October 2018 and decided to become a coach and set up my own support group to help other parents learn about EC.