Catarina Champalimaud

Certified Consultant| Culemborg & surrounding areas.


About Me

I first heard about EC on TV from a Brazilian comedian. I was about 16 and obviously thought it was a joke. It was only when reading about zero waste years later that I came across the concept again - from a much more reliable source, luckily!

As I read more about it, I started thinking about the early days of my oldest daughter's life: she'd fuss only when she had a wet diaper. Had I known about EC...I was then of course eager to have a second child to try it out. I was really looking forward to connecting with my child at a level where I could help answering all her basic needs. It's not always easy to give her the extra time on the potty when so much more needs to be done, but parenting isn't exactly the easiest route in life. But at least I have a choice, and so should every 'modern' parent out there.

What I like about EC the most is that shy smile my baby Cora (now 9 months) gives me when she starts peeing, telling me 'thank you, I really needed to go'. They do talk after all; now I know.

Feel free to contact for consultations in English, Portuguese or Dutch.