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Cora Trimble

About Me

My name is Cora. I grew up on a farm in Havelock, ON. I am a stay at home mom of 3. When my oldest was 7 months I got pregnant with my 2nd and immediately thought I do NOT want two in diapers. So I starting putting him on the potty and researching about potty training early. I then found out about EC and later Andrea's Go Diaper Free book. I caught a few pees and poops and was amazed when he crawled over to the potty, tapped on the top and peed when I put him on at only 9 months old! Only 2 months after I started! I then realized that babies know the feeling of when they need to pee and how to signal their need before 18 months.


My 2 oldest were trained at 18 and 17 months starting at 7 and 3 months. My newest edition is only 3 weeks old and I started 2 weeks ago! Her signals for poop are fussiness and then she gets a blank stare and goes still. I find it easy with my 3rd even though I have 2 toddlers running around but having them both trained is a lot easier. I wish I had started from birth with the other two.

If you would like to learn more about Elimination Communication, learning your babies signals, saving diapers, saving money, saving the landfills, connecting with your baby in a different way then I can help you do all of these things!

I host free support groups near my house and in Peterborough. I also have EC and Potty Training classes, at home private consultations, private phone consultations, and group consultations.