Danielle Gajewski

Certified Coach | Serving Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


About Me

The first time that I held my 6-month-old daughter over the sink and caught a pee, we were both ecstatic, and I became a believer. We practiced EC part-time from that moment until we went daytime diaper-free when she was 17 months old. Our EC journey was not all smooth sailing, however, and I was unable to find an active local group that I could turn to for support. Thankfully, I have a friend with a child the same age as my daughter and we blindly EC’d our children together. The support that we gave each other during that time (regarding EC, and everything else!) was invaluable.

I have become a Go Diaper Free Coach in order to share the joy, satisfaction, and improved communication that EC brings to caregivers and children. My goal is to provide local families with support, information, encouragement, and community in order to help them reduce or eliminate their child’s use of diapers, at any age!

I offer workshops, support groups and private consultations (both in-person and virtually over phone/skype) in EC and non-coercive potty-training in Edmonton, AB and surrounding areas."