Diana Yakovets

Certified Coach | Serving Cleveland, Ohio, USA


About Me

I have been blessed to be a mama of three kids! I love EC because it deepens my connection with my children, saves on diapers (and diaper laundry), and it totally works!

Pottying babies from young months is fairly common in my home country and so I decided to try it around 5 months with our first daughter; Full disclosure: main only motivation: not having to wash out solid food poop from cloth diapers. Though I have learned that there are SO many more benefits than less laundry! We started EC with our second and third kids from birth and have loved it even more.

At every opportunity, I tell mamas and daddies about this great alternative to diapering. In addition to EC, I love Jesus, my husband, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, baby wearing and Montessori-style and Charlotte Mason education!