Elisa Vallejo

Certified Coach| Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.


About Me

Hi. I am Elisa. I live in Colorado Springs with my super-loving, supportive husband, and also the light of my life-my beautiful and bright baby boy. Shortly after my son was born, I stumbled upon a "Go Diaper Free" class and was excited to find a natural alternative to full time diapering. After "catching" his first pee, we were hooked! It was just the coolest thing ever...Just like we were learning when our baby was hungry, or tired, or wanted cuddles, we also learned when he needed to potty! In the meantime, we were strengthening our relationship with our son by communicating and listening to him about just another one of his needs. We wash less diapers in the process, and my son is not truly reliant upon diapers, which is awesome! (And just possibly, we are helping to minimize our footprint on earth....cool!) It truly is a win-win, win. I am super excited to be helping other families wherever they are in their EC journey...whether you are beginning, troubleshooting, or wrapping up EC.
In my free time, I love hiking, cooking healthy food, "reading" audible books, and going to my husbands basketball games. I love working out and practicing yoga as much as I can. My all time favorite thing in the world is spending time with my family, and watching my little one grow.