Emily Baecher

Certified Coach | Serving Pioneer Valley and beyond.

Emily C. Baecher

About Me

I’m Emily Baecher, mother of three. I first learned about EC before the birth of my son in 2016 and prepared for the practice by buying a potty and some leg warmers. That was not sufficient preparation! I was overwhelmed with new motherhood and while I caught some poops in the potty, that was the extent of our elimination communication experience. I began EC in earnest with my daughter two years later and was instantly hooked! We bonded, saved lots of loads of cloth diapers, and built her independence much earlier than I ever expected. Now I have a newborn and so thankful that I am starting with her from birth. It's awesome to get that poop in the potty instead of cleaning up blow out after blow out!

I am so excited to start a Go Diaper Free community in the Pioneer Valley beginning with free support groups.