Emily Pollokoff

Certified Coach | Serving families in Central New York, USA and Around the World


About Me

Potty training... a parent's worst nightmare? Not in Central New York. I love helping parents and toddlers navigate this major milestone with grace and FUN! I help kids potty train quickly and kindly, and empower parents to teach the skills without a battle of wills. Like eating from a spoon, walking on two feet, or riding a trike, learning where to potty take a little practice and some gentle guidance. If you've got a kid in diapers living in CNY, I'm your go-to gal. PS, it's no secret that I'm a super huge fan of teaching *babies* (yes, babies) to pee & poop in a potty. It's clean, healthy, easy, saves a ton of money, and will help your kids enjoy their babyhood & toddlerhood even more. For real.

We can work together in person or virtually (via Skype or Facetime). I offer classes, individual consults, private workshops, and other learning programs for playgroups, daycares, and nonprofits. Class topics range from baby pottying to troubleshooting potty training. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you, so you can better understand and care for your beautiful, capable child.

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