Helen Holder

Certified Coach | Calgary, Canada


About Me

Hi! I'm Helen - mother of two busy little munchkins. I first learned about EC before I had kids, as a friend of mine had practiced EC and I thought it was just brilliant!

When my daughter was 3 months old, I decided to give EC a shot. I loved it! We did lots of naked time, she was signaling early on and we were having success. But we started to have our EC challenges as her signals started to become too subtle to catch. Wrapping up with EC became a bigger challenge than anticipated! We used Andrea Olson's potty training plan and finally wrapped up by 2.5, and haven't looked back since!

When my son was born, it was a whole different EC experience! We started pottying him at just 8 weeks old, and that very first time I put him over the sink, he peed!!! I was amazed that it was so much easier with the second. I was very excited about this, and before long, we were having a lot more catches than misses. And it was fun! I felt so passionate about it, that I decided to spread the word!

I hope to grow the EC community in Calgary and introduce parents to this beautiful practice to help babies gain independence from diapers and in turn, ease the transition into potty training with a gentle, but firm approach. I am excited to share the benefits of EC and non-coercive potty training with you and your families. Happy Pottying!