Jody Czaja

Certified Coach | Serving Madison & Monona, Wisconsin, USA


About Me

I'm Jody Czaja a Go Diaper Free Potty Training Consultant and I'm here to help you discover the best path to get your little one on the potty train and begin their journey of peeing and pooping in the potty. We'll create a plan to prepare you as your child's teacher, to prepare your child, to prepare your home and to transform your diaper bag into a bathroom bag. Potty training is nothing to fear when you have a plan that is kind, mutually respectful and has clear boundaries.

My other related talents include being an American Montessori Society Infant and Toddler Teacher as well as a certified Positive Discipline Parenting Coach.

Whether you're a Parent or an Early-Childhood Teacher looking to help your own child or children in your classroom learn to transition out of diapers and into a bathroom routine I am here for you!