Kate Cole

Certified Coach | Serving Boston, MA, USA


About Me


After more than ten years of experience as a nanny and household pro, I’ve helped families of all ages and sizes through the potty process.

Personally, I believe Early Communication is just as liberating for parents as it is for kids. The key is in that second word: communication. It’s not just toilet training, it’s about helping parents connect with kids over a specific goal.

We all know babies don’t come with a handbook or translation guide. But learning how to communicate with them in ways beyond words opens up a whole new world of understanding for both parents and kids. Once parents and children start connecting toddlers gain independence, parental bonds strengthen and a child’s self-esteem soars. It’s an incredibly powerful and empowering process and one of the reasons I became a Go Diaper Free Certified Coach.

Maybe you’re starting toilet awareness through early communication. Maybe you’re toilet training a toddler and looking for help. Regardless of where you are in the process, I’m here to help.

Let’s talk.

Believe me when I say that the joy you get in watching your child move confidently about in the world easily outweighs the short-term challenges you’ll encounter. No matter the time, no matter the age, as soon as you’re ready, they will be too.

Together, we can help you and your child live a life that’s diaper free.