Kate Jacoba Arnold

Certified Coach | Serving The Hague, Netherlands


About Me

Hi, I’m Kate, mother of two & early toilet learning enthusiast!

We introduced pottying at 10months & 3 weeks respectively and I’m looking forward to sharing and supporting you in caring for your baby without dependence on diapers as the only toileting option.

Learning & practicing baby pottying has been such an eye opener and a game changer in how we understood & responded to our babies body language, (extreme) fussiness & natural rhythms.

We loved how it aligned beautifully with Montessori principles - awareness & mastery of their own toileting needs must be one of the most fundamental sensory activities & part of practical daily life there is!

A local support In our very international & diverse city families who may know of baby potty learning from their home country but lack know-how of practicalities & community help.

Maybe you have doubts - that it’s too much work, too messy, or not possible due to work commitments & child care?

Let me help you discover how you can fit this into your daily lives in simple, practical ways & with more joy than commuting to years of poopy diapers.

For 0-12 full-time, part-time or very part-time(!)

12-18months a hybrid EC - Montessori approach to work towards independence.

For older children 18 months & over I can introduce you to our highly regarded non-coercive method & Tiny Potty Training Book