Keaira Witten

Certified Coach | Serving Metro Atlanta Areas, Georgia, USA

Keaira Witten

About Me

Hi! I'm Keaira Witten. I grew up in East Tennessee but now live in Mero Atlanta. I married a wonderful man, Jacob, from small-town Western North Carolina, and together we have 2 dogs, a toddler, Jesse, and another baby boy on the way!

I first heard of EC when Jesse was 6 months old. I had been looking for ""potty training"" methods for a couple of months. All the children I've ever been around didn't start the ""process"" until ages 3 to 4 years old. I can remember being young, thinking, ""I don't want to change a 3-year-old's diaper!"" My mindset didn't change when I had my own children!

We started EC when Jesse was 9 months old, and I haven't looked back! I can't wait to start EC with my next little boy!

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