Kristina Wadley

Certified Coach| Kirkland, WA and surrounding areas.


About Me

My name is Kristina Wadley and I’m a stay at home mom to our 1-year old son, Ronin. I first heard about elimination communication (EC) when I was pregnant, and I was instantly intrigued. Anything that cut down on the amount of poopy diapers I would need to change sounded like a win in my book! After learning more, I was determined to begin full-time EC at birth. However, after an unplanned c-section on top of nursing and sleeping issues early on, I decided it would be better for us to gradually ease in to EC instead. As a type-A perfectionist, I was disappointed to have to hit the brakes, but those first few months of motherhood made for quite the humbling experience despite all my idealistic expectations! Our squirmy little boy forced me to get a bit creative with my EC tactics, though that made it all the more rewarding when we finally began to see things click. As with most aspects of parenting, EC has been a far from perfect, ever-evolving, and non-linear journey, but it has helped me to be more present and in-tune with my son’s needs, which I am so grateful for! My hope is to share the knowledge I have gained about EC so that more parents know that this option is available to them, and to encourage those parents and caregivers in their own unique EC journeys.