Laura Durkee

Certified Coach | Serving Lima, Ohio


About Me

Mama to three vibrant boys + one pending peanut, wife to an avid gardener, and lifelong lover of books and chocolate.

Parenting is an incredible experience – don't you wish sometimes it came with an instruction manual? Fortunately, not every parenting job has to be as confusing as seventeen blogs and sixty-two social media posts might lead one to believe.

How would you like to improve understanding of and communication with your child, (and have more peace at home as a result), prevent diaper rash for your baby, bypass the the stress of conventional potty training your toddler, and save (possibly hundreds of) dollars by ditching diapers for good?

I'm here to be a part of the community for you I wish I had when I was a new (or “new again”) parent, to encourage you, troubleshoot with you, and point the way to a simple, sensible, (completely do-able!) method of guiding your little one how to potty and reduce dependence on diapers – from as early as birth.

Questions? Reach out to me via email (where I'll also send updates of our next free support group when we're able to meet in person, again!). I also offer one-on-one consults from the comfort of your home via Skype.