Lauren Schlueter

About Me

Lauren Schlueter lives with her family in Portland, OR. She loves spending time in nature, cooking, traveling and learning foreign languages. She has lived in multiple countries since she was 18, giving her a genuine appreciation for different cultures and ways of life.

Her life path changed when her first daughter was born. She was astonished by how well she and her baby knew each other, after only "knowing" each other for a few weeks. She had heard of Elimination Communication before her baby was born, but hadn't been able to find much information about it before she found Go Diaper Free, by Andrea Olson.

Lauren started pottying her daughter at 6 months old and never looked back. Her experience with EC has been eye-opening and empowering for her AND her baby (who is now out of diapers for 16 months).

Lauren believes in the power of unspoken communication with babies, and anyone really. She believes that if we take the time to listen to others, we all find an improvement in our own well-being and our world view.