Loretta Davidson

Certified Coach | Serving Surrounding Areas of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA


About Me

Welcome. My name is Loretta and I am passionate about helping parents and caregivers intimately connect to their babies through Elimination Communication (EC).

If you are anything like I was as a new mom, you are keenly interested in ways to bond with your baby. For me this initially meant breastfeeding, babywearing, and co-sleeping. As a mom working outside the home I was afraid to miss out on developing deep connections with my child. What I didn’t realize then, but understand now is that EC is another way to deepen bonds with my son.

I first heard of EC while still pregnant. It seemed like a very natural way to respond to a baby’s potty needs and using fewer diapers appealed to my eco-friendly tendencies. It wasn’t until I found Go Diaper Free that I learned how to get started with EC at 5 months old. I soon discovered that practicing EC was a special way to connect with my son. I felt joyful and satisfied that I was helping to meet my son’s very basic needs and creating fond memories along the way. Besides using fewer diapers at home, we have enjoyed many long outings with no dirty diapers.

If you are ready to dramatically reduce your diaper usage, intimately understand your baby’s needs, and strengthen your bonds to your baby, I am here to help. Want to learn how to get started with EC? Call or email Loretta for a complimentary 20 minute consultation.