Melanie Delamere

Certified Coach | Serving Tiroler Unterland and surrounding areas.

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About Me

My name is Melanie and I’m a mum of two.

I first read about EC when I was pregnant with our daughter. As I didn’t think that it was something for us, I didn’t give it much thought. After she was born, I began to realize that she was somehow unhappy and we had constant breastfeeding issues. Many consultations later with no solution, I did my own research and came across the article again. Out of desperation I was willing to give it a try (she was nearly 6 weeks old by then) ..... and it was an immediate success! Our baby was content for the first time and she would feed without problems.

With our son we practiced EC from birth. Due to the children having vastly different personalities, we gained valuable EC experience which I’m happy now to share with you.

Ich berate auch auf Deutsch.