Meet founder (JPEG) - Nada

About Me

Hello! My name is Nada El Araby, and im a trained Psychologist. I can communicate using: English, Arabic, British Sign Language and Makaton.

I have a therapy business (focusing on behavioural therapies) in London called Building Blocks Therapy Centre. I've been working with children and families for over a decade and enjoy every part of my journey with them!

I love creating, teaching, and meeting others on whatever journey they are on at the moment and working with them to reach their potential. I recently had a baby and while pregnant I was searching for steps on how to teach my baby to use a potty early, and honestly didn't know about EC yet! Then, magically I FOUND IT! The nature of my job is analysing behaviour, so the process of EC (and Potty Training) felt like home! It was everything I wanted for my baby and wanted to share it with everyone I know. Once I gave birth, I started EC with my baby from birth, and the process has built such an amazing connection.

EC has inspired me so much and I hope it can inspire you too! And for those of you who want to start at 18m with Potty Training, I can't wait to inspire and help you too!