Naiya Grec

Certified Coach | Serving Upstate and Surrounding Areas in New York, USA

Naiya Grec

About Me

My name is Naiya. I have been working with children for most of my life and have found it to be a passion of mine. I am mama to a little girl, with whom I have practiced full-time EC from birth. I am also a certified preschool Montessori teacher and currently provide in-home childcare. I love learning about "natural and alternative" parenting and when I ran across the topic of Elimination Communication during my studies I fell in love with the concept and couldn't wait to try it out myself. Boy, have I been impressed and excited to share!

I enjoy a simple, natural life with my wife and our daughter. I often find myself cooking and baking, gardening, doing yoga, working on diy projects and crafts, spending time outside in nature, sewing, and researching. I have probably read more parenting literature than many parents will ever even want to read.

I teach Elimination Communication for 0-18 months as well as Non-Coercive Potty Training for 18+ months.
I am very excited to bring this wisdom to you and your children as I guide you into this lifestyle with EC or through this rite of passage with Potty Training.