Natalie Robbins

Certified Coach| Serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas.


About Me

Hi! I'm Natalie, and I'm a mama just like you.

I had NO idea that Elimination Communication (EC) was a thing when my first was born - but once I learned, I was AMAZED at how quickly my 3 month old readily communicated her need to go, and showed her preference for using the potty.

Now, we watch in amazement as our 16 month old uses the ASL "potty" sign, potties her baby dolls, squats on the potty herself, wipes, and pulls up her pants - all fun steps towards potty independence. (I share tips, tricks, and potty routine demos on YouTube as well - check us out and please subscribe! ASL Pottyventures

AND, our diaper savings within this time has been the most mind blowing. With no more poopy diapers to deal with, we switched to minimalist cloth diapers at 4 months and trainer undies at 10 months
We save our few disposable diapers for night and outings (plus reuse them over and over since they're usually DRY!)

If you're interested in learning more, I'd LOVE to help you begin your journey and also experience these many "wow!" moments of EC. Our babies are SO much more capable than we could imagine!

As a Go Diaper Free Coach, I equip local families with the knowledge, support, and tools they need to succeed in their potty learning journey.

I offer:

- Local in-person AND virtual classes on EC and gentle non-coercive potty training
(send me an email about my favorite Potty Learning 101 class! It covers pottying birth through toddlerhood AND includes a copy of the Tiny Potty board book!)

- A local in-person support group to meet other mamas, learn from and share experiences, and build community with other like-minded families.
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- Private virtual consultations to meet YOU right where you're at - whether it's jumpstarting or troubleshooting on your potty learning journey. (Email for rates).

- Tiny Undies products​: the BEST potties, cloth diapers, tiny trainers and undies for elimination communication
(New, pre-washed sets of trainers and undies available for trying on - they run small, and shrink! Let me help you get the sizing right 🙂 )
AND Go Diaper Free potty learning books - no shipping required!
(Email for product inquiries & ask about possible discounts)

Lastly, if you don't want to wait another minute to get started - check out the products below. These resources have been SO helpful in my own journey, and I'm sure they will benefit you as well!

I look forward to meeting you & welcome to our community!!