Nicole Oquist

Certified Coach | Serving McKinney, Texas, USA

Nicole Oquist

About Me

Nicole is a GDF Certified Coach offering support to parents/caregivers in all stages of the potty training process. She works with children of all ages, newborn and up! She hosts free support groups, leads classes, and meets for private consultations (in person or via phone). Nicole knows from experience that every potty training story is different and can be difficult, because every child is unique, so come as you are!

Nicole is mother of Jessica, David and Abigail, living naturally on a small farm in Collin County. She started pottying her youngest, Abigail, as a newborn. Nicole and her husband practiced (and struggled with) modern potty training with their first two, but love the deeper connection and results from Elimination Communication:

• not having to deal with poopy diapers and diaper rash
• saving their family from buying and disposing of hundreds of diapers and wipes (great for finances and the environment!)
• allowing Abby to ditch daytime diapers at 13 months old
• and so many more benefits (she'll tell you more in person!)