Nicole Redmond

Certified Coach | Serving Las Vegas and Henderson and Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA


About Me

I'm originally from a small farm town in rural Connecticut. Since growing up there, I've lived the transient military life as an Air Force Officer/

I potty trained my daughter at 18 months because I felt like it was the right timing for both her and I. In my research, at that time, I learned about and was intrigued by Go Diaper Free, Elimination Communication, and Early Infant Potty Training. It struck a chord with me that other cultures and our grandparents seemed to carry out potty training and EC with a simple matter-of-factness while other moms I knew agonized over "readiness" and resistance. I knew from

I knew from historical and cultural examples, as well as my own experience, that it didn't HAVE to be that way.I also have a huge place in my heart for military moms and spouses who live without a local support network, living overseas or miles from immediate family, and who often have to shoulder events like potty training solo with partners deployed for extended periods of time.

My goal is to fill that information and support void for all parents and caregivers. I will work to inform you, support you, cheer you, and coach you through all of your PT and EC needs, trials, and successes. Let’s do this!