Rachel Mosley

Certified Coach | Serving Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas .


About Me

I came to EC through a lense of self-sufficiency and a conviction that our Littles are capable of way more than they are normally given credit for. I first saw EC in action at a farm where I worked and knew it was something I had to file away for later use. Obviously, that sight has stuck with me!

Over the years, I have developed quite a few self-sufficiency skills as well as a passion for teaching them to others. My career before kids was as a Garden Educator, teaching people how to grow their own food. It just seemed natural for me to follow that path with EC and Potty Training as well.

I am a lifelong resident of the beautiful Willamette Valley where I live with my husband and daughter. We started ECing her at 6 weeks and she has been diaper free since 16 months.