Robin Kinney, MSW

Certified Coach | Serving Madison, Wisconsin, USA


About Me

Hello! I’m Robin. I’m a Michigan native who spent her early adulthood in Northern California and is now back in the mid-west (as of mid-2014, moved to Madison July 2015). As a certified coach, I want to spread the knowledge of Elimination Communication and Early Potty Training to my new community. I’m looking forward to working with families in Madison, WI and surrounding communities through classes, free support groups, and private consultations.

I have worked with families for my whole career, as a school teacher and social worker, and now with my own son. Some of my favorite moments in my work have been when my students or clients have mastered new skills and are excited and proud of their accomplishments. Most recently it has been my son who at 24 months old regularly proclaims, “I’ve peed! In the potty!”

As a new/first time parent I too get overwhelmed and confused by the numerous and often contradicting opinions and parenting philosophies out there. I’m in the trenches with you! From my personal experience and from watching some of my most trusted friends who have journeyed ahead of me with their kids, I know that elimination communication and early potty training work. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.