Robin Putnam

Certified Coach | Serving Thousand Oaks - Ventura County and surrounding areas.

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About Me

I was lucky to learn about EC from a close friend, so when my son was born, it felt natural to try EC with him. Then when my son was a month old, he developed some major and ongoing health problems. We spent much of his first year at doctor’s appointments. When so much of his childhood was in the hands of doctors, getting to do EC with him was wonderfully empowering. I would never do it any other way!

I’m super passionate about EC for many reasons, especially the respect it gives our babies and how it reduces our impact on the environment. I have been sharing EC with many of my friends, and am happy to report that 2 of my friends are doing it with their babies and loving it. I wanted to become a coach in order to be able to share this practice with more people, and offer support and community to parents who are interested.