About Me

Ruthann is a mother of two amazing boys and has practiced Elimination Communication (EC) with both from birth. With a diverse background which includes a Masters in Environmental Studies and training in Humane Education and Holistic Health, Ruthann was drawn to EC as an ideal way to benefit her family, her community, and the environment. The method has had profound impacts on the level of connection she shares with her boys, has contributed to their health and wellbeing, and has drastically cut down on her family’s consumption – the perfect melding of her values in her parenting practices!

Ruthann is passionate about EC, and about helping children of any age get out of diapers and feel empowered by their toileting abilities through non-coercive potty training. She is particularly sensitive to the many conflicting pressures felt by urban parents and loves to help families meet their goals within their own unique realities. Ruthann is excited to share her skills, knowledge, and experiences with her community, to help to grow EC as a common practice, and to empower families to feel comfortable and confident beginning potty training earlier. She welcomes you to reach out with any questions about EC or potty training at any age and looks forward to assisting your family on this important journey.