Sára Krémer

Certified Coach | Serving Budapest, Hungary


About Me

I'm Sári from Budapest (Hungary), mom of one little girl.

We've started EC when she was around 1-2 weeks old. Actually, she decided to start it 😀 she kept going on the changing table every time I opened her diaper. She decided not to go in her nappy and I decided to hold her over the potty so that she can go there and not all around.

I really enjoy to have this extra bound with her, the idea of keeping her sense of hygiene, that she doesn't need to sit in her waste or that I don’t need to wash poo from anything, and of course that EC is indeed environment and wallet-friendly... what more? As a yoga teacher and I also like the idea of keeping the body awareness and even improve it at such a young age. EC is something that I love to do and teach too.

I support families around elimination communication and potty training in Budapest and the surrounding areas.