Sarah Machon

Certified Coach | Serving Dublin and Nearby Towns, Ireland


About Me

Hi, I am Sarah from Germany. I am a mum to a gorgeous son and a black and white cat-princess and I am passionately in love with a tall, dark and handsome Irish man 😉 So I am living in Dublin with my little family where I found an amazing community of open-minded parents.

I am an enthusiast for most things natural from food to parenting. You can frequently find me trying something new, a DIY project for the house, new recipes, theories etc. I am very curious and love to experiment which leads to more or less successful but always educational and mostly fun adventures.

While being a big fan of TCC and AP or gentle/natural parenting I thought I wouldn't do this "EC thing". It just didn't seem practical to me. But I wanted to find out more about it and came across Andrea's video on YouTube. It completely changed my mind! When I understood that babies actually do have control over their bowels and do care about hygiene (it does make a lot of sense that this instinct is inborn after all!) I just couldn't go back. I started doing EC with my son there and then at 8 weeks old. And in retrospect I am sooo glad we did!

I would love to show you a modern perspective on EC and a gentle approach to potty training. Come to my free classes to learn more or contact me directly if you have a specific concern/question that you want help with.

I am looking forward to working with you!