About Me

Before motherhood, Susan worked as a commercial pilot in an airline. She took 6 years off work to focus on starting a family. Whilst the initial transition from being career-focused to baby-focused was difficult, it was a blessing-in-disguise. Shifting her role in life to full-time mother, she discovered home-made babyfood, breastfeeding and EC!

Her advocacy of EC resulted in her launching One-Two-Pee!, Hong Kong's first and only baby-pottying consulting service. Subsequently, she also became a GoDiaperFree coach. Having now returned to flying professionally (inline with EC values, her pre-requisites for returning to work, were that her children be completely potty-trained and independent in other aspects such as sleeping, dressing and eating!), she is able to continue her consultancies by Skype and phone when away, and workshops when in town. Having worked as a flight instructor and a dance teacher in her early life, she has always found teaching rewarding and continues to find joy in teaching and spreading the word of EC.