Tina Bailey

Certified Coach| Serving Anchorage AK and Clovis CA areas.

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About Me

Hi! I'm so excited to be here in such a great community. I chose to buy cloth diapers while pregnant with my first child and really went back and forth with it. I had never even seen a cloth diaper before and was terrified I would hate it. I barely told anybody I was considering it and was met with skeptic responses when I did share about it. Turns out I loved it! It was a great choice for my family and I'm so glad to have tried it. Cloth diapering naturally led to my baby not wanting to be wet and that led to EC and now we're here! Now I hope to make it more available for others. Everything is so new with that first child and I'm here to help anyone who finds themselves feeling alone in trying to choose more a more natural way of life. When everything is quick and easy and disposable these days it can be tough to find support when choosing alternative options. But keep at it! And EC has been amazing. We started EC at about 9 weeks old and have flushed way more poop than we've had to change poopy diapers. It's worth it. Better for us. Better for her. Better for the world.