Tsukimi Uchikoshi

Certified Coach | Serving Bend, Oregon, USA


About Me

I'm from Tokyo, Japan.I learned the Elimination Communication (EC) from my mother five weeks after my first daughter was born.The first time I heard that a “baby can use the potty” I found it hard to believe.

I had no idea other than using diapers on the baby for elimination.But seeing is believing. I held my daughter over a small container and she peed in it! That was the beginning of my life with diaper free baby. I have used this method for all three of my children. They all willingly used the potty by the time they were one year old.

My oldest no longer needed diapers by age 14 months, the second by age 21 months and the third by 15 months. Regular potty training was not needed for them.EC is a healthy and fun way to communicate with your baby but can be challenging.To be honest all of my babies had potty refusal stages and the occasional accident after they switched to regular underwear, which was challenging for me, especially for the first child.

EC can be challenging, fun, and enjoyable if you have support, EC friends and join local EC group.I am looking forward to helping you.