Veronica Cruz

Certified Coach | Serving Greater Vancouver Area, Canada


About Me

I am a mother of two beautifully energetic children, wife, and homemaker. I have a deep interest in natural/whole living and am a firm believer of gentle/connected parenting. When I heard about Elimination Communication (EC) before the birth of my youngest child, it just made sense to want to keep my baby clean and dry by teaching him to use the potty instead of a diaper. I had already used cloth diapers for my eldest child and also practiced a form of gentle potty training, resulting in my eldest being potty independent before 2 years old. I started EC with my baby when he was 3 months old and was amazed at how quickly he caught on to the vocal cues I would make when he was eliminating. My husband, who was very skeptical at first, soon realized and was amazed that our baby was actually going pee and poop in the toilet, and what this actually meant for us - less poopy diapers to clean up. He quickly became EC's biggest advocate. And to top it off, our son, who did not like the slightest bit of pee in his diaper, even in a disposable, was now a happier and more comfortable baby. While the journey has not been without its 'misses', it has been so rewarding and the hard work has paid off. Residing in the Greater Vancouver Area in beautiful British Columbia, I am a recently trained and certified Go Diaper Free Coach (and my husband wishes he was too).