Advikie Poulin

Certified Coach | Serving Wichita and Surrounding Areas.


About Me

Hi! My name is Advikie, Vikie for short, and I first heard about EC from my husband. While pregnant with our first born I was researching how to cut baby related costs when my husband found an article on EC, and proposed we implement this method of potty training. I thought he was crazy, after all who doesn't use diapers? To my astonishment, most of the world uses some form of EC, since disposable diapers are still a relatively new thing. After coming across Go Diaper Free I was sold on the idea, and began EC with my then 10 week old. We successfully EC'd my first born to completion before he was 18 months old, and have started at birth with our second baby. Since discovering EC, I have become passionate about helping others with their EC and potty training journeys. I firmly believe that both infants and toddlers are very capable to learn about the potty and can be successfully taught using the proper tools. As a certified coach, I have been given the tools to help you teach the potty in a non-coercive manner at any age. Feel free to reach out for more information on support groups, classes and consultations!